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Pursuing short-term success rarely leads to genuine achievements. And the real successes are often not foreseeable at first.

True blue wonders have always been the result of curiosity, intuition, and generosity.


We initiate, support, and participate in unconventional ideas that stimulate our intellect in surprising ways and change our perspective on the world as it appears.

We don't care about scalability, unicorns, and trends. We make decisions based on the assumption that this might be our only life, which should be filled with memories, encounters, and playful experiences.

One could also say that we act as curators and artists in the world of business. Not with the primary goal of pursuing economic maximization, but with the ideal of engaging in meaningful endeavors that create a sense of purpose.

That is 'The Art of Life'.


In search of meaning, we have been traveling the world for years through projects and in our thoughts.

Each of us knows that everything is interconnected, but how that works is known only to the 'genius saeculi'. Understanding and making this tangible is at the core of our excursions. From this, we derive new perspectives for viewing the present and future and develop new action strategies to open and enter realms of possibilities.

A selection of our activities:

| Thought Experiments: Igniting Revolutionary Breakthroughs, Keeping the Youthful Spark Alive, and Masterfully Crafting Unexpected Strategies


| Seneca meets Buddha: A research journey to Bhutan exploring the foundations of human happiness

| At the Nexus of Science and Art: Investigations of truth and authenticity at the Venice Biennale

| Poetry and Beauty in the World of Business: "The House of Beautiful Business" in Lisbon

| The Literary Science Fiction Circle in Munich: Lessons from 100 years of future literature for far-sighted business

| The Ghost in the Machine: Encounters on the ethics of intelligent technologies in Oxford

| Future of Fake: New collaboration models between product designers and their counterfeiters in China

| Balanced Sustainability: Honest approaches to sustainability as an alternative to popular communication strategies

| Strategy Fiction: New forms of strategy development with purpose and differentiation

| The future can kiss our ...: Resilience strategies instead of crystal ball


We support interesting projects whenever possible through our Blaue Wunder Fund, which is a matching penny fund.

The Blaue Wunder Fund supports project initiatives that open up surprising new perspectives for communication, culture, and cooperation.

We live in a world where technical feasibility evolves much faster than human feasibility. The problems of our society are rarely of a technical nature but are rooted in misunderstandings, cultural barriers, personal fears, and inadequate cooperation.

As such, communication, culture, and cooperation are the central levers for social innovation and societal progress. Projects can be submitted informally and at any time to

There are no funding guidelines and no submission deadlines, only limited attention and a constrained budget. Additionally, we are happy to support with our own efforts and network.


Blaue Wunder is a safe space for idealists and their unconventional ideas. This safe space was founded by Dirk Jehmlich and brought to life together with art historian Stefanie Haufe and philosopher Christopher Topp.

The Blaue Wunder GmbH initiates, accompanies, and promotes projects with societal relevance at the intersection of art, philosophy, and business.

Our personal motivation is to realize projects in the spirit of the matter and not out of political or economic interests.

Blaue Wunder was brought to life for these ideas and for ourselves, as an alternative and a retreat.

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